Tips for perfecting your lawn

Sun, moisture, drainage – all three of these are essential if you want your lawn looking great for summer, which means spring is the perfect time to make a start.

After winter weather, your grass will start to recover and grow, so by providing the best care at this early stage, you can ensure you get great results right the way through the year.

Firstly, you’ll need to give your lawn its first cut. However, you must not take more than one third of the length off as this will stress the lawn. It is best to do little but often – as the growth picks up speed further into spring and summer, you can start reducing the grass length.

While the spring sun shines you need to give your lawn a good feed to make sure it has access to all the nutrients that encourage strong and healthy growth. With a whole selection of fertilisers available, it may be best to get some advice from our in-store staff to ensure you find the best option for you. For those of you with uneven lawns, top dressing may prove very helpful – simply brush it on when the lawn is dry and this will also aid drainage.

If you have any weeds that have appeared over winter, now is the time to treat them. You can either remove them by hand (just make sure you get the roots out too) or apply a suitable herbicide – we strongly recommend you pop by one of our shops of give us a call to ensure you find the right one to solve your problem. If you have areas of lawn that have been damaged by high traffic, you can go about overseeding too.

Now is also the right time to scarify your lawn with a rake. This will reduce the build up of dead grass matter, roots as well as moss – meaning less competition and improved growing conditions for your grass. To help improve drainage, aeration and a healthier lawn, take a fork to any compacted areas.

For a final flourish, cut back trees and shrubs that cast constant shade over your lawn, which will ensure all areas of your lawn get adequate sunlight throughout the day.

If you like further lawn advice tailored for you, please do get in touch with us – you can either talk to us over the phone or come by one of our shops to chat in person.