Targeting thirst

Now the temperatures are starting to rise, making sure our pets have constant access to clean, fresh water is more important than ever. When it comes to dehydration, it is best to avoid it at all costs, and with this simple guide, you can encourage your cats and dogs to drink up and stay healthy!

The easiest way you can get more water in our pet’s diet is by switching its food to something with more moisture. This may mean offering some sort of canned food, or by simply adding water or gravy (mind the salt) to dry food.

When it comes to water bowls, you may be surprised that dogs and cats can be picky when choosing what to drink out of – hence the variety you can find in store. Firstly, make sure you find one that is the right size for your pet – a bowl that is too big or too small will limit their access to drinking. For long eared dogs, there are tall, narrow bowls that keep their ears from dipping in the bowl, while bowls that are low and shallow will be more suitable for cats and smaller dogs. The material matters too – stainless steel, ceramic or plastic, your pet will likely have a preference so testing a few out will help you find the perfect bowl. For those of you with clumsy pets (or those who like to dip a toe before drinking), weighted bowls will help keep water in and paws out.

As simple as it sounds, you need to make sure you are regularly replacing the water in your pet’s bowl. Just like us, dogs and cats prefer their water fresh so may leave it once it becomes stale. You also need to clean their water bowl regularly as bacteria can end up sitting on the rim of the water bowl and in any water still in the water bowl. Simply give it a scrub with soapy water, dry it off and refill. To make drinking just a little more exciting you can also add ice cubes to the bowl – just make sure you don’t give them directly to your pet from the freezer else they’ll likely get stuck to their tongue and may cause choking, so rinse them in water or place them in the bowl first.

The location of your water bowls is also important. If your pet likes to roam through your home, make sure you have water sources located throughout the space for them, just remember to keep them all clean and topped up.

For picky pets, you can even try drinking fountains! Fountains are attractive because the moving water is interesting to the pet and it stays fresh – most water fountains will filter and recirculate the water.

Also remember that if you are travelling anywhere or going on a walk, take plenty of water with you, as well as a bowl to use on the go. If you’d like more ideas on how to protect your pet from dehydration, pop in store or give us a call!