Tips for beautiful baskets

Hanging baskets give a pop of vibrancy wherever you use them – from your garden, balcony, walkway or front door! With baskets hanging at eye level, you can mix and match, create seasonal displays, create a miniature herb patch or even use them to grow fruit and veg out of reach of children or pets!

Hanging baskets are relatively simple to set up and easy to maintain – making them a great option for new gardeners, as well as a fun way to experiment for more experienced green fingers!

Whether you are creating a hanging basket for winter or summer, the process remains the same. Start with lining your basket – you can use either cardboard liners or specially designed fibrous materials. Aim to make the lining around 1.5cm thick and then fill the basket half way with compost. Standard multipurpose compost will be fine for most and if you want to make the task of watering easier, you can also add water-retaining granules at this point.

When it comes to planting, you can be as adventurous and colourful or subtle and demure as you wish – all types of plants, fruits and herbs thrive when well cared for in hanging baskets. You need to give a little thought to arrangement to make any design work – it is often easiest to start by planting a central plant and working outwards. This will help create structure as well as impact, with the design working around one bold plant.

Try not to make your hanging basket too ‘top-heavy’ by using some trailing plants that will grow downwards and cover the sides of the basket. There are plenty of trailing plants available, some of our favourites include:

  • Begonia
  • Busy Lizzie
  • Fuchsia
  • Geranium
  • Lobelia
  • Pansy
  • Petunia
  • Sweet Pea

If you’d like to try using your baskets to grow edibles, you have a few options. Cherry tomatoes, such as the Tumbling Tom variety, thrive in hanging baskets as long as they receive enough nutrients and water, and plenty of space. Lettuce is great for novice gardeners but take a lot of water and need partial shade during the hotter months to stop the leaves from wilting. Peas work well, simply needing daily watering and enough sunlight. In terms of fruit, strawberries are great fun to grow from hanging baskets – requiring very little maintenance but need frequent watering as they have shallow roots.

Once all your plants are all in position, you can fill the basket with more compost, gently patting it down, before giving it a good watering and hanging it in place.

With your basket in position, check on it everyday to check the dampness of the compost – it should always be damp, but avoid getting water on the leaves and flowers. To boost flowering, you can feed your basket once a week with a liquid fertiliser as well as deadhead the plants regularly. If you need any more help perfecting your hanging baskets, please do pop in store and we can give you some one-to-one advice.