Create the perfect garden this summer 2019

With many of us distracted by our busy lives, our gardens are not always our main priority. This means that they are often neglected and taken back by nature. Tackling this on top of day-to-day life can seem like a daunting task but don’t be overwhelmed! Just take it one step at a time and focus on what’s most important to you, whether that’s creating the right ‘look’ or establishing a cosy place to entertain.

With Pet and Garden branches across Norfolk, which stock everything you need, we have a few tips to make you fall in love with your garden again.


Fencing and Trellis for Privacy

Unfortunately, fencing and trellis often becomes damaged after being exposed to the elements all year round. If your fence panels are looking worse for wear, why not choose from our large range of options from Huttons & Grange?

Offered in sizes 3ft to 6ft, we have a fencing or trellis solution for EVERY garden. Our fencing is strong and stable, with posts and stakes available in different sizes.

If you require a Trellis, we offer both square and diamond designs for all of our customers.

Fencing and Trellis not only creates a protective barrier stopping people from entering your garden, it also provides privacy so that you can peacefully enjoy your garden.

Garden Furniture for Comfort

Throughout the summer months, you may want to host a BBQ for your family and friends.

Our wide-range of garden furniture provides a comfortable and relaxing space for all.

We supply the highest-quality hardwood and softwood benches, tables and chairs – all of which are stocked and available for delivery. Choose from a selection of parasols to add a pop of colour to your garden, these come in 2m, 2.3m and 2.7m options.

Adding your own personal style

Why not make your garden stand out by adding one of our fountains to your lawn, or build a pretty flower bed from our extensive plant range that includes locally grown shrubs, perennials and vegetable plants?

If you have a smaller garden, get the most out of ANY limited space with our colourful hanging and window baskets. These small additions add character to your garden, making it stand out and personal to you.

Sowing the seed

Perhaps you are picturing a beautifully green lawn? You can achieve this with our perfectly mixed grass seed from Top Green, Rye Green and Park and Play.

It’s not all about aesthetics however, your garden can be used to grow your own produce, enabling you to live a healthier lifestyle. We offer a comprehensive range of seeds to help you eat fresh; from peas, beans to onions and potatoes, we encourage you to taste the goodness of your garden – all mixes are weighed up from 500g to bulk 20kg bags.

Give your garden some TLC this summer and feel proud to show it off!

Find your local store here and visit us to find out what we can do for you and your garden.