Lead the way

We devote a large amount of our time to exercising our pets, and so therefore it is within our best interests to provide them with comfort when doing so. Leads, collars and harnesses can be used for a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets.

Most animals need to be exercised for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, when walking your pet, it is important to provide comfort with the use of a collar or harness. Whether you want a training collar, a leather collar or a harness one size does not fit all and it is important that they fit correctly, which is why we provide a correct fitting service in our pet friendly store.

Harnesses and head collars are perfect for stronger pets, especially dogs, as they allow you to remain in control, without causing the animal any harm, such as choking as they alleviate pressure from the neck. It is common with tight collars and dogs who excessively pull to cause damage in the long run as this this can eventually lead to back and neck problems in your pet, which is why it essential that your device is correctly fitted. For your pet to enjoy their exercise they need freedom of head movement to ensure their health and well being.

Padding within your collars or harnesses is important for the comfort of your animal, especially if they are worn continuously. Waterproof items are also vital for your pets’ welfare, to prevent getting cold and products becoming irritating when it is still damp the next day. All of our products are durable and long lasting as we feel it is important to provide quality, as well as combining safety with style in one product.

Smaller cars don’t allow space for a cage, and travelling animals increases the stress of a journey, one way around this is to keep your pet secure with the use of car/seatbelt harnesses, many of which we stock.

It can be difficult to find the right product for your pet, we offer safety, comfort and style within our products as we have your pets best interest at heart. Whether you are looking for a leather collar, rope slip lead or car harness, you can bring your pet into any of our stores and we will be happy to help with fitting your pet correctly in a pet friendly environment.