Keeping your dog cool this summer

We brits like to make the most of our sunny days, and as a nation of dog lovers there’s nothing we love more than taking our dogs along with us for an adventure – but protecting and keeping your dog safe from the sun requires preparation and forward planning.

Fortunately, you don’t need to leave your dog at home as we have plenty of tips and accessories to keep your dog cool.


This may be a simple suggestion, but just as it’s important for us to stay hydrated during the heat of the day, it is important for your dog too!

We have just the fold up, travel water bowl for your doggy pal! When you’re on the move these bowls can be compactly stored in your bag, they are made from soft and flexible fabric material which allows the bowl to bend, shift and fold – making them more suitable for adventures unlike metal and plastic bowls.

 Simply fill this travel-friendly sized bowl with water and hey-presto… no parched pooch.


There are several different ways you can keep your four-legged friend cool at home this summer and we have just the accessories!

Cooling pads – our pads provide relief from the heat for your dog. Made with non-toxic gel, our self-cooling mats activate as soon as your pet’s paws hit the mat. The cooling effect can last up-to four hours.

Cooling bowls – Time to ditch the ice-cubes and give your dog their most refreshing round of water yet! Keep this bowl in the freezer overnight and the silicone/gel within its core freezes, keeping the water cool throughout the day.


Add a little protective style with our cooling bandana or vest for your dog walks,these won’t only attract ‘oohs and aws’ but will allow your dog to enjoy a stroll without overheating.

Cooling Bandanas keep your dog ice-cool with long-lasting comfort throughout the day by absorbing their body heat. Simply soak the bandana in cold water, wring it out and tie it to your dog’s forehead. After the water has completed evaporated, repeat the previous process.

Our cooling vests for dogs also work through evaporative cooling, not only lowering your dog’s temperature but our designs cover the back and sides of the dog to protect them from the sun’s rays – helping them to remain cooler for longer.


Even if it’s just for five minutes as you dash to the shops, leaving your dog alone in a hot car could be fatal.  Think ahead, if you’re taking your dog out, try to avoid situations where you may need leave them alone in enclosed spaces.

Being mindful about these points will ensure that your dog enjoys a safe, comfortable and happy summer that they deserve. As pet specialists across Norfolk, our in-store teams are always happy to help you find the best ways for your dog to remain cool this summer!

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