Tips for feeding garden birds

Encourage the widest variety of wild birds to your garden this summer with our versatile bird feed options and displays.

What should I feed birds in the Summer?

Throughout the summer months, our little winged friends are moulting – a periodic replacement of new feathers by shedding the old – and at this time, they require high-protein food to maintain healthy energy levels.

Our black oil sunflower seeds (or hearts) are excellent sources of energy and are considered a staple for all wild birds. These seeds can be purchased either loose or in buckets of 50. Together with this popular seed, we offer five main seed mixtures from Copdock Mill alongside our own luxury mix.

Seed-bearing flowers such as a Niger, are popular choices for the summer and throughout the rest of the year; especially if you’re looking to attract a range of Finches, Sparrows and Tit to your garden. We provide nutritious, high-energy seed throughout all of our stores.

Peanuts are a great source of protein and oil for birds to maintain good health and energy levels. Our peanut mixes come in a variety of options from whole, split, ground and in-shells – perfect for platform feeders, small dishes, or specialised peanut feeders.

For birds with hungry nestlings, the long summer days can be tough feeding their demands.

However, you can give these birds a vital, extraboost with our suet pellets. Our pellets are designed to provide birds with a well-rounded and complete diet, that is quick and easy for them to eat. The pellets can be chopped or crushed and offered in small dishes. Mealworms are also a great option for the nestlings that need to be fed several times throughout the day. Our dried mealworms can be added our seed mixes.

Have you considered fat and seed balls?

Our balls contain uniquely rich seed and suet mixes for optimal nutritional benefit for all garden birds. Our fat balls are available either loose or in buckets of 50.


How should I display my variety of bird feed?

We have several options to suit your garden. We stock a complete, high-quality range of feeders from Gardman and Chapplewood feeding stations to our own wooden bird tables and nest boxes for you to serve your best garden’s bird buffet.

We have everything to satisfy your garden’s feathery visitors, guaranteeing dozens of beautiful bird species for you to enjoy right on your doorstep!

If you would like to find out more about our products or how you can look after the birds visiting your garden this summer, contact your local Myhills branch by phone or email us on