It’s time to tidy

Everyone is likely to agree that storage around the home is incredibly important. Some people love clutter, however minimalism is becoming increasingly popular so tucking all things away appears to be the way home design is heading.

Our Watton shop boats a grand array of high-quality home-wear products from kitchen utensils to bathroom accessories to a variety of storage boxes. Here are a few innovative storage ideas you could try in order to create more space around your home.

Square containers. Unless you have open shelving, square storage containers are always a better option because they maximize space well. Round containers are giving up a few inches on each side and will never fit flush against a wall.

Don’t skimp on plastic containers. If you’re storing clothes in a closet, you can get the basic containers, but if you’re storing them in an area where they will be exposed to the elements or changes in temperature, spring for the better-made versions.

Look for ‘stackables’. By that, we mean containers that stack well together. They’re stylish and so practical!

Fruit baskets can be storage and organization. They can take a bunch of small items and make them appear organized! They also make everything easy to reach. A fruit basket filled with your child’s bath supplies and toys makes such good sense.

Don’t buy in sets. Sets tend to have only one container of each size which is great unless you have the same amount of items for each container, in which case you’ll need multiple storage options of the same

Identify your storage space first: It’s always best to locate a storage space before you start boxing everything up. Doing it the other way round is likely to waste your time and end up being rather frustrating.

Make it easier for your children to find and put away their own toys. By labelling the drawers with pictures instead of words, even little ones who cannot read will be able to know which toys go in which drawers.

Hide cleaning supplies. Stay organised with a simple wire wall mount rack and a caddy to ease transportation when you’re cleaning.

Get drawer organisers. Use drawer organizers to keep each item in its place so you know exactly where to find it each time you need it.

Pop into one of our shops to browse a wide range of storage products – time to get innovative!