The DIY scene

Myhills are proud to offer a very wide variety of DIY and Hardware equipment across all our stores, from screws and nails to power tools and plumbing. We stock only the best brands like Stanley, Black and Decker and Faithfull to name a few. Whether you are a keen DIYer or working in the trade, we have everything you could need to tackle all your jobs inside and outside the home!

If you are new to the DIY scene and are not sure where to start, have a read of these tips which will help you become your best DIY-ing self!


Back in the day, the only way to get good DIY knowledge was primarily in-person training. However, today are is an abundance of online courses and videos from pros to amateurs alike on almost every conceivable topic! So educate yourself for free, and keep a tablet for your workspace only, so you can watch videos and how-to’s as you work.

DIY experience is hard-won. Make the best of it by taking time to plan every project. This might be as involved as drafting up plans, or it might be as simple as taking three or four minutes to remember the lessons you learned while working on a similar project. Proper planning means less wasted materials.

Keep all your essential tools and materials to hand. Just as a chef keeps a pantry full of flour, sugar and spices, so, too, the DIYer keeps a stash of commonly used items. The exact items will vary — a woodworker will have a different set of essential items than an upholsterer — but as you identify your go-to gear, keep it well-stocked and easy to grab.

Make sure you have to correct tools for the job. Trying to save money on tools can lead to jobs poorly executed. However, be realistic. If you know it’s a job that can be done by hand, do it. It can be tricky to balance budget and efficiency when determining the right tool for a given job but it’s a vital skill to make for better DIY projects run with minimal aggravation.

Join a local DIY community – the ‘maker-spaces’. There is inherent strength found in being part of a larger group and it’s one of the reasons that the internet has been a such huge benefit for DIYers. Designed to bring together people with a better DIY mindset, maker spaces pool resources to allow members to use tools and materials that might be too expensive or unwieldy to use on their own.

Don’t abandon projects. Half-finished projects create obstacles and make you feel bad you every time you walk past. Instead, find ways to finish what you start, even if you don’t obtain perfection this will make for a better DIY experience.

Have you ever been halfway through a project when you realize that grabbing the right safety gear is going to take longer than the actual activity that requires safety gear? It can be tough to justify taking five minutes to grab gloves and glasses in order to run a saw for 30 seconds. But safety is key for a better DIY.

Before you set about your next DIY project, bear these tips in mind and see if you can improve on your DIY skills!