Garden furniture care for winter

As winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about protecting and storing your garden furniture appropriately. Ideally, storing your furniture indoors, be it in a garage or shed, is the best way to protect it from the winter elements. However, there is more to do than just tuck it away out of sight.

Following these basic steps is a good start:

Have a good clean and wipe off any grime of dirt that has built up over time. Simply use cold water, and rinse the pieces thoroughly and allow them to dry in the sun.

Any upholstery used with your garden furniture such as cushions should be removed and stored indoors. Different fabrics has different washing instructions so be sure to check how yours should be cleaned. If they cannot be washed in the machine, you can clean off with a damp sponge. The same process applies for any parasols. Clean them off and allow them to dry before storing them inside for winter.

In order to optimise space, be sure to fold away any chairs, or stack them if they do not collapse. The same goes for any tables. Preferably keep them inside, but a waterproof covering will also suffice.

Check your furniture regularly. If you keep your furniture in the garden due to lack of storage space, be sure to check on it consistently throughout the winter. You’ll want to make sure the elements haven’t collected beneath the furniture covers from rain or snow, which could easily damage furniture if left alone. Even furniture stored in a shed or garage should be checked for moisture-related issues.

Patio Furniture Covers

Even pieces of patio furniture that are properly stored in a garage or shed should be covered to prevent dust from accumulating on the surface. Regardless of where you’ll be storing your furniture, a furniture cover made of canvas or some other material can certainly help protect your pieces. A waterproof cover will guarantee the best protection from rain throughout the winter for outside storing.

It’s a good idea to make sure furniture covers are well secured, whether through drawstrings or hooks etc. This is critically important for any homemade covers. It is also a good idea to buy individual covers made for each piece. It may cost more, but they will be far more efficient in protecting your furniture. For standard tarpaulins – you don’t want it worked loose in high winds or you may find your cover in your neighbour’s garden!

A secure cover is only part of the protection you can afford for your garden furniture. A simple repositioning of your furniture can help reduce weather exposure. Moving the furniture off the grass onto a hard surface can make all the difference as it allows moisture to drain away freely. By placing your furniture in a sheltered part of your garden, you can further protect it from wind and other elemental forces. This not only protects your furniture from extreme weather, but your garden as well.

Pop down to your local Myhills store to chat with our staff about how to best care for your garden furniture this winter.