Christmas Decorations

Myhills want to provide you with some fresh inspiration for this year’s Christmas decorations. Here are some tips and tricks for an injection of new ideas for your decs around the home!


  • For the ultimate stylish look, stick to a single theme around the home such as a colour palette or theme. Use this theme to highlight key focal areas – the front door, the tree, hallways and the dining table.
  • Ribbon tied in bows are a great alternative to tinsel. Place them evenly around the tree.
  • Hang your biggest and heaviest decorations at the bottom of the tree, and progressively use smaller baubles as you work your way up. The top of the tree should be saved for your smallest, most elegant decorations to prevent the tree looking too top heavy.
  • Make your own fragrant fire lighters. Aroma is all part of creating a real festive atmosphere. Dried fruits, nutmeg, cinnamon and pine cones are all provide those warm, festive feelings.
  • For a festive, natural look, arrange a selection of glittery pinecones in an attractive metal dish or tray. A perfect centrepiece!
  • For an even more authentic look, try spraying snow spray on the branches of your real Christmas tree, it creates a frosty Nordic theme!
  • For a professional bauble-hanging trick, fix decorations to the tree with fine wire as opposed to string or ribbon. It is far easier to control how they sit.
  • Adding a bundle of fairy lights to a large clear glass bowl creates a stunning centrepiece for your table.
  • Browse for foliage for your own wreath! Go and pick up some holly, pine cones, herbs, springs and twigs and put together your own masterpiece. It can be a family activity and costs nothing to do.
  • Fashion tress for festive place settings. Dressing the table with mini trees provides a charming festive statement. You can put them together yourself by snipping small branches off your main tree. Add a further touch by hanging mini baubles that are otherwise lost on the main tree.


We hope you can take some new ideas to freshen up this years festive feel!