Horse Feeds & Bedding

Allen & Page, Bailey’s, British Horse Feeds, Spillers, Dengie, Dodson & Horrell, Honeychop, and Fox Feeds are some of the brands of horse feeds that we stock, so we are sure to be able to supply you with whatever your horse’s dietary requirements are and whatever time of the year it is. We also do bedding from Bedmax, Dengie, Snowflake, Bed Down and Megazorb to make your horse comfortable. Additional forage products that we sell include Marksway Horsehage and Readigrass

To round off your needs, we stock horse treats from Spillers and remedies and supplements from Barrier Animal Healthcare and Verm-X.

To help you with your task of looking after your horse, we also stock The Original Muck Boots, a great range of barrows including twin wheel models, and other useful items such as forks, rakes, shovels and brooms.