Small Animal Foods & Accessories

We aim to provide everything that you need for your small animal, be it a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, gerbil, mouse, ferret, chinchilla or degu. We have all of the modern complete balanced diets that help promote healthy digestion such as Burgess Excel, Supreme Selective, Mr Johnson’s Advance and Beaphar’s Care and Extra Vital ranges in a variety of sizes from 500g to 15kg. We also stock the more traditional mixes such as those from Allen & Page and the Supreme range including Russel Rabbit and Gerty Guinea Pig. To complement your pet’s dietary needs, we do a wide range of forage and herbage products including Excel, Readigrass and meadow hays. Bedding comes as a variety of products including wood shavings, Back-2-Nature, sawdust, shredded paper or wool or just simple barley straw. So that you can treat your pet, we have a wide range including natural products containing things such as ginko, cornflower and celery. To keep them healthy we have products from Johnson’s Veterinary Products and Beaphar amongst others. To house your pet we stock a wide range of cages and hutches in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your particular pet and their needs.