Smallholder Products

We offer the Small Holder a wide range of feeds and products for whatever type of livestock that you may decide to keep. We stock feeds from Allen & Page, Copdock Mill and The Organic Feed Company amongst others. The majority of products come in 20kg bags, but we also re-pack many of the products into smaller sizes. In addition to feeds, we stock plastic and galvanized poultry feeders and drinkers, medications and health items from Barrier Animal Health Care, Nettex, Verm-X, Battles, Bioline and Johnsons, as well as things like oyster shell and flint grit. To help you with your holding, we have many of the things that you may need such as a full range of sizes of wire netting, Original Muck Boots in various styles, yard brooms, wheel barrows, vermin control equipment and baits plus a host of other essential items.