Wild Bird Foods & Feeders

So that you can enjoy the widest variety of wild birds in your garden, we offer a really comprehensive choice of feeds. We stock five main seed mixtures from Copdock Mill, ranging from a very competitively priced mix up to our own luxury mix, plus a summer peanut free mix and a winter mix. All are available in a variety of sizes from 1.5kg up to 20kg. We have a range of variety specific mixes for birds such as blackbirds, blue tits and robins. Added to all those we do all of the favourites such as peanuts (whole, split, ground and in shells), sunflower hearts, black sunflower seed and niger seed, suet pellets, fat feasts, mealworms and fat balls either loose or in buckets of 50. We also stock a comprehensive range of feeders from Gardman and Chapplewood to hold all of the different feeds that we do and feeding stations so that you can display them to their best. For a more traditional way of looking after your wild birds we have a varied range of wooden bird tables and nest boxes.